Mateen Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based international centre for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We are looking to expand and venture into other industries as well.

Our main objective for setting up Mateen Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd is to impart our wealth of knowledge in the industry and to greatly improve the safety culture, mindset and the safe work operational practices by conducting proper training, guidance and support to a company and to an individual. In all businesses, industrial and work operations, employees, equipment’s and materials work in unison to produce products or perform services to meet customers and client’s needs.

Our very highly experienced trainers and consultants from various industries contribute to a wealth of good knowledge, with over 40 years of construction, Oil & Gas, chemical plants, local authority’s mega projects, aviation & aerodrome experiences.

Our team comprises of Ex-MOM officers with long service awards and an Ex-MOM officer who spearheaded the MOM investigation team and led a safety team in the aviation sector.

Rest assured that your training and services rendered by us will be greatly attended to with immaculate profession and diligence.