Basic BBS Course Training

1.Course Title:
Basic BBS Course Training
2.Course Objective:
- To gain basic knowledge of concepts and implementation of behavioural based safety (BBS) at workplace
3.Course Outline:
• Basic understanding the tenets of behavioural based safety (BBS)
• Introduction to the concepts of BBS
• Identification of unsafe acts at workplaces
• Implementation of BBS programme
• “ABC” model in BBS principle
• Challenges face in BBS in workplace implementation
• Monitoring parameters in BBS programme
4.Course Duration:
0900hrs – 1800hrs (8 hours, lunch break omitted)
1 Day
5.For Whom:
• BBS champions and leaders
• Safety Committee Members
• Those new to safety industry
• Etc.
7.Course Code:
MTC - QEHS 010