Emergency Situations Preparedness & Response Course Training

1.Course Title:
Emergency Situations Preparedness & Response Course Training
2.Course Objective:
- To be competent and able to plan and conduct proper emergency response and evacuation in emergency situations
3.Course Outline:
• Understanding the meaning of workplace emergency
• Proper planning of emergency response at workplace
• Different types of emergency situations at workplace
• Duties and responsibilities of ERT members
• Formation of Emergency Response Team (ERT)
• Conduct of emergency drills at workplace
• Appointment of emergency wardens at workplace
• Conduct of proper evacuations during emergencies
• Conduct of table-top exercise for emergency drills
• Writing technique for emergency drill report
4.Course Duration:
0900hrs – 1800hrs (16 hours, lunch break omitted)
2 Days
5.For Whom:
• Personnel in the workplace safety and health (WSH)
• Emergency Response Team (ERT) Members
• Emergency Response Team Chairman
• Fire Safety Managers
• Fire Wardens
• Chemical Spill Response Team members
• Workplace Safety Health Committee Chairpersons
• Etc.
6.Course Fees:
7.Course Code:
MTC - QEHS 005