Risk Management Course Training

1.Course Title:
Risk Management Course Training
2.Course Objective:
- Acquire the knowledge and skills to be a Risk Management Champion for the organisation
- Understand the fundamentals of hazard identification, risk assessment and managing risks
3.Course Outline:
• Develop practical risk management implementation plan for the organisation which identify specific actions to be taken
• To form a risk management team, risk assessment, controlling and monitoring the risks, communication to all persons
• Review & Evaluation of Risk Assessment and Controls
• Course Review & Evaluation
4.Course Duration:
0900hrs – 1800hrs (16 hours, lunch break omitted)
2 Days
5.For Whom:
• Personnel in the Risk Management Team Committee Chairpersons, Committee Members
• Job-related specialists
• WSH specialists
• Engineers
• Quality Environment Health Safety personnel
• Workplace Safety Health personnel
• Technical specialists
• Etc.
7.Course Code:
MTC - QEHS 011